Sunday, December 26, 2010

New presents, stitching, goals and family news

Well, I had such a marvelous Christmas. All of my kids were here and it was sooooo relaxing. My big present is a new computer from DH. The computer store was able to retrieve our photos from the computer that crashed (thankfully). And now I have a normal sized laptop instead of the tiny netbook I was trying to use.

On the stitching front, here is Town by The Workbasket which is part of a series. There are 4 pieces, I've already done Country and there is also Village and Woodlands, which I will stitch at some point.
Here is Country.

And the best and biggest news is our oldest daughter is now engaged. She'll be 21 next week and will probably get married this summer (yikes, lot's of planning coming up). Her fiance' took my husband out to lunch last week and asked him for her hand. He is so sweet and loves her so much. We know he will always treat her well and take good care of her.
She's has always loved Passione Ricamo's "Once Upon A Time" so I'm going to stitch this for her as an engagement/bridal shower gift. Which means I need to get stitching!!!! I'll need to adjust the hair color on the man but the girl's hair is the exact same color as my daughter's. A better picture of this is in my side bar. I have the linen it calls for but it isn't as colorful as the original shows.

BLOG HELP------I have been signing up to "follow" people's blogs but don't know how to put a "follow" link on my own blog. Can anyone help me out?

I noticed people have put up goals so thought I would put some together (hopefully it will help me stay on track)
2011 Goals:
1. Fix up my blog :)
2. Finish Town by Workbasket
3. Finish Christmas of Hawk Run Hollow by CHS
4. Finish Quaker Halloween by Cherished Stitches
5. Get 75% of St. Petersburg by Chatelaine finished
6. Get 75% of Paradigm Lost by Long Dog Sampler finished
7. Start and finish Once Upon A Lifetime by Passione Ricamo
8. Finish stitchy gift I've started for a friend
9. Make xmas ornaments for family, friends and co-workers
10. Start two new projects and finish one of them (not picked out yet)
11. Finish "Down A Country Lane" rug (hooking)
12. Last but not least lose 15 lbs
I am sure I will never be capable of writing another post this long, and everybody is breathing a huge sigh of relief.
Thanks for visiting.


Jackie said...

To add the Follower Gadget:
Go to Dashboard
Select Design
Page Elements (mine opens there)
You'll see hyperlinks that say "Add a Gadget" or something similar.
Select that. A list of gadgets you can add will come up. Select the one to show followers of your blog.
Make sure you save your edits. I always preview first to make sure I like it.

Congratulations on your daughters engagement!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful stitching and WIPs! Congratulations on your family news, too. Best of luck meeting your goals!

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations to your daughter. Lovely progress on your stitching. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Passione Ricamo.

Kathy A. said...

Great new computer.
Lovely stitching pieces
Congratulations on your daughter's engagement. You have chosen a wonderful piece to stitch for her.

Catherine said...

Great new computer and how lucky that they could save your photos!

Love the stitches - especially the one you'll be doing for your daughter! Congrats to her on her engagement!

Margaret said...

Congratulations on your daughter's engagement. The piece you will be stitching for her is gorgeous.

What a great Christmas present from your DH. Where would we be without our wonderful husbands?

Love your stitched pieces. Must check out the others by Workbasket.

Happy 2011.

Danielle said...

Great stitching and computer!