Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy August

What a crazy month August has been!! I quit my job at the end of July and am starting a new job tomorrow!! August has been so crazy I don't know how I would have worked through it. My DD#1 is doing well with her pregnancy :). My DS came home for 10 days from working out of state all summer. During that 10 days he had his wisdom teeth out and then we drove him 1200 miles to a college in Wisconsin. Below is a pic of my DS at the college he is attending. My DD#2 isn't going back to the college she was attending, she'll be taking classes locally and working for a year and then she'll re-evaluate what she's doing to do. But this means she is living at home again, which means more adjustments (mostly for me). My youngest started her sophomore year in HS last week.

Since August has been so crazy I haven't had time to breathe never mind stitch. But this past Saturday I spent the day with a good friend and stitching buddy and finally got some work done on the baby sampler for my grandson, she we know it's a boy!!

I have not been able to look at any blogs for weeks so I am so behind on my google reader. I will eventually get to everyone. Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs and leaves comments, I find them so encouraging.