Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy August

What a crazy month August has been!! I quit my job at the end of July and am starting a new job tomorrow!! August has been so crazy I don't know how I would have worked through it. My DD#1 is doing well with her pregnancy :). My DS came home for 10 days from working out of state all summer. During that 10 days he had his wisdom teeth out and then we drove him 1200 miles to a college in Wisconsin. Below is a pic of my DS at the college he is attending. My DD#2 isn't going back to the college she was attending, she'll be taking classes locally and working for a year and then she'll re-evaluate what she's doing to do. But this means she is living at home again, which means more adjustments (mostly for me). My youngest started her sophomore year in HS last week.

Since August has been so crazy I haven't had time to breathe never mind stitch. But this past Saturday I spent the day with a good friend and stitching buddy and finally got some work done on the baby sampler for my grandson, she we know it's a boy!!

I have not been able to look at any blogs for weeks so I am so behind on my google reader. I will eventually get to everyone. Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs and leaves comments, I find them so encouraging.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Christmas of Hawk Run Hollow

Here are the results of putting myself back on a rotation :). I've been stitching like crazy on Christmas of Hawk Run Hollow. Finished Block #7 and I am slowly working on Block #11, which is the solid block in the piece. It has felt great to work on this since it's been months since I've had it in my hands.

The whole piece

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Update on Paradigm Lost

I finished one more motif on Paradigm Lost and a few letters that are near it. I have been trying so hard to get the piece for my DD finished and now working on her baby sampler that I'm not working on anything else. So I've decided to get myself back into a rotation, not sure I'm ready to set goals for myself yet but it will feel good to be working on everything instead of just a few pieces. I've currently got 6 projects going.

Thanks for all the nice comments about me becoming a grandmother. I certainly don't feel old enough to be one but looking forward to it :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A baby on the way

Yes, I'm going to be a grammie :D. Sooooo excited. And DD knows it's going to be a boy. So of course, I have started right in on a baby sampler. Another thing I'm trying to keep a secret from her. Although I've been stitching it while she visits with me but she hasn't asked what I'm stitching on. A couple of weeks ago I showed her everything I'm working on (except OUAT), so I think she figures it's something she's already seen.
So I've chosen this piece from the Historical Sampler Company, I'm stitching it on Lakeside Linen's "Luna", 36 count. It's charted for DMC but I'm doing it all in hand-dyed threads.
Blogger seems to be having "issues". I can't get the wording and pictures to sit the way I want them to. So I'll leave the post like this.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blooming nightmare

The blooms are definitely a nightmare. I have just barely started on the arbor and it is s-l-o-w going. I'm figuring this is going to be an anniversary gift since the wedding is long over. I absolutely have no time to work on this piece since my daughter and SIL live in the in-law apt on our house. My daughter comes over often and this piece is a surprise so I can only work on it at night in my bedroom and I'm usually too tired to work on it, lol.
So this is what the whole piece looks like at this point.

I decided at one point to take a break from the flowers and did some beading. This is the bottom of her dress.

This is where I'm at with flowers and have a lllooonnnggg way to go.

I am so behind on reading blogs. I'm trying to catch up but having a hard time with it.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paradigm Lost Update

I need to finish Once Upon A Time for my DD but her and the new SIL are renting our in-law apartment and my DD comes over, which I love, but it makes it hard to work on her piece. So I always have PL at hand and it's seeing more stitching time than OUAT, lol. I am enjoying this piece but really want to get OUAT finished!
So I've been working on the purpley blue motif, it's so pretty IRL.

This is what the whole piece looks like.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Once Upon A Time, May goals

Well, I have started stitching again. Yeah!! I'm mainly working on Once Upon A Time for my daughter and now SIL. Couldn't get it done before the wedding but hope to have it done this summer. I still really enjoy working on this piece. I've been working on the lower part of her dress and the grass.
Here is where I left off over a month ago:

And this is where I am today (sorry about the fabric):

May goals:
1. The wedding and all the preparations -
2. My son graduating from High School and the Open House that followed - Yes
3. Saying good-bye to my son the day after he graduated as he is working out of state for the whole summer - Yes
4. Saying good-bye to DD #2 who also is working out of state for the whole summer - Yes
5. Have a nervous breakdown - Nope (thankfully) :)